Today, November 27th 2012 Case-Shiller released
its home price index results through September of 2012 and for the past eight
straight months it has slowly but steadily increased.

Are we bouncing along the bottom or is the housing recovery
in full swing? Of course it depends which housing market you are talking about
but here on the Bay Area Peninsula we are definitely on the upward track.

Case Shiller Bay Area

Note that the market hit its low point in March of 2009. Much
of the uptick since then was a normal part of any business cycle, but it
appears that the government stimulus–the $8,000 tax credit for first time
homebuyers may have helped buoy the market until more sustainable growth could
take hold.

One can see that in each year, absent government intervention,
the housing market index dropped between August and September until this year giving
rise to the hope that this year may have marked the beginning of a true housing
recovery, and not just another dead cat bounce.

If you are interested in what the Case-Shiller index is and
the methodology they use you can find that on their
web site here
. Of course we also have the index in graph for on our web
page at

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