The Forbidden Fruit is Thy Neighbor’s Tree


Do you have a neighbor that’s a nuisance? Many do, yet they may be unaware. We’re talking about nuisance trees. Say your neighbor’s tree has limbs over your fence, or the neighboring tree’s roots are damaging your driveway. What can you do about it?

The good news is you do have rights—but they’re limited. You can’t just […]

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Why Cash Can Make or Break A Buyer’s Dreams

Cash Buyers beware—the landscape is changing.

Critical Steps to Financial Planning


Financial planning is an integral part of any successful portfolio.

We don’t pretend to offer financial advice, but we do offer real estate advice and the two often overlap.

For example, every two years a married homeowner filing joint tax returns can sell their primary residence and enjoy the first $500,000 of capital gains tax free. We’d […]

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Why Must we Barbecue on the 4th of July?


Finally, we can get back to the American tradition of having friends and family over for a BBQ—and what better day to do it than on the 4th of July.Traditionally we celebrate our nations’ independence from Great Brittan on this day, and this year we add to that our independence from isolation during the pandemic.You may […]

Housing Market’s Unbearable Heat


The Bay Area housing market is as hot as it’s ever been for sellers, but the real heat is on buyers to get a home as throngs enter the market. It’s no longer race to get a home, it’s a marathon.

Frustrated buyers are using low interest rates which have empowered them to bid higher in […]

What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You


Today’s real estate market might seem untenable for buyers. Since the pandemic began, looking at homes is harder, and competition as fierce as it’s ever been.

Homes seem to all be selling with multiple offers for hundreds of thousands of dollars over the seller’s asking price, and the inventory appears paltry.

Home buyers are facing relentless competition […]

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Why Open Houses Were Never Necessary After All


The Corona Virus pandemic changed a lot of things in our lives over the past year. We lost too many loved ones, we feared not only strangers but our friends and neighbors.

And we learned a lot. A lot about whom to trust, that we could survive at home with one another 24/7. Some good did […]

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Why Buyers Should Not Fear the Unknown


Fear of the Unknown

We as humans have a natural tendency to fear the unknown. The psychological term for this is “xenophobia.” In modern usage, the word has evolved to mean the fear of strangers or foreigners — but its original meaning is much broader. It includes anything or anyone that’s unfamiliar or unknown.

When we help […]

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Jeopardizing Multiple Offers


Multiply Offer Mistakes to Avoid

We can all make mistakes at times, some mistakes just carry with them more severe repercussion than others. 

Certain professions come with a higher level of responsibility and accountability than others. Two of obvious professions that come to mind are that of Doctors and Pilots. Mistakes in their field could have catastrophic […]

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Pandemic Sees Surge in Housing Need

All statistics point to strong housing growth 2021 thus far.