The Civil Grand Jury directed Carlmont High Scholl to clarify its own open-enrollment program and limit the number of students who can transfer, increase capacity, or change school boundaries. School_stairs

Carlmont is over its official capacity of 2,100 students. Administrators say the district’s use of open enrollment – which allows students to choose a school outside the one designated by attendance boundaries – along with the popularity of Carlmont has caused the shift.

Superintendent Pat Gemma said for starters, the district plans to allow only about 80 open enrollment transfers to Carlmont for the freshman class that will start next fall, compared to about 220 transfers that were let in this fall.

Students with siblings at the school will get the highest priority, followed by those who chose Carlmont after making a documented effort to educate themselves on the options. ""There’s no question in my mind nor the mind of the principal at Carlmont that 2,300 students at Carlmont is too many," Gemma said.

With that in mind is seem unlikely that Carlmont will be choosing the option of increasing capacity, and will likely be forced to move school boundaries. Currently, any eligible Belmont resident can go to Carlmont High while only certain parts of San Carlos may attend providing they are within the designated school boundaries. The third option has been to apply for an intra-district transfer to Carlmont.

This dilemma could have an impact on housing values as buyers are apparently more inclined to pay extra to live within the Calrmont School boundaries. The folks who bought in San Carlos thinking they were well within the Carlmont High School boundaries may find out that everything has changed—including what someone will pay to live there.

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