Another affirmation of Belmont’s commitment to academic excellence was demonstrated as School_award_2Central Elementary school was recognized as a “Blue Ribbon” school–part of the national “No Child Left Behind” program for achieving academic excellence. Belmont’s Central Elementary School was selected out of a possible 120,000 public and private schools nationwide—one of 24 which earned this honor in the state of California. Belmont’s commitment to the finest education is one of the many reasons so many people choose Belmont as their home.

The criteria for such a distinction is:

“The NCLB-Blue Ribbon Schools Program is a 24-year-old program that encourages states to nominate public kindergarten through grade twelve schools that are either academically superior or demonstrate dramatic gains in student achievement. California public schools were chosen from among the 2006 California Distinguished Schools. Private schools were nominated by the Council for American Private Education.”

“…the school must show a student proficiency level that places the school at the 90th percentile in English-language arts and mathematics in the highest grade tested when compared to other schools in the state.”

Congratulations to Belmont and the staff of Central Elementary School as well as the many volunteers, families, and organizations such as Belmont’s School Force for earning this high honor.

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