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Help us continue to decrease the need for environmentally demanding postal mail while enriching our schools—all while keeping abreast of Belmont’s housing market and local issues.

For a limited time, for every verified email address we receive on our Newsletter Form we’ll donate $1.00 to Belmont’s School Force.*

As Real Estate agents and homeowners in Belmont, we are directly involved with fielding questions about the local schools. The importance of quality education, beside the obvious responsibility of providing education as a social benefit, has a direct bearing on a city’s quality of life which translates indirectly into higher home values. Whether a homeowner has children benefitting from the great education Belmont’s schools provide or not, supporting the local schools is one of the least expensive and best investments a homeowner can make to increase property values.

The Belmont/Redwood Shores school district continues to excel and part of their success is attributable to Belmont’s School Force™, a non-profit organization founded in 2001 which concentrates their efforts on improving the quality of education in our schools through fundraising for programs which would otherwise be discontinued.

Our commitment to minimizing the impact we have on the environment is accomplished through available communication technologies such as our e-market updates and newsletters; our local Belmont blog, and our market reports web site

We’re running a business and part of our advertising campaign is to remind people of our services. We currently mail our Belmont Market Report, and the Morgan Report real estate update, to thousands of Belmont residents. With the prevalent adoption of high speed Internet access and quality HTML e-mail delivery options, our goal is to replace our postal mailing with e-mail and significantly reduce paper consumption and our costs so we may continue to offer aggressively discounted fees to our clients—it’s a win-win situation for everyone including Belmont’s schools!

* Certain reasonable restrictions apply such as being limited to one email address per household, the email must be a verifiable, working email address and the request must come from a current Belmont resident so we can remove them from our mailing list—that’s it!

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