Today’s was our broker tour day where we typically run into several dozen agents as we view the new housing inventory—but not today. It’s eerily quiet in the market right now—like right before an earthquake quiet (without the dogs barking). Could it be that buyers have given up on finding a home?

The dog days of summer are upon us and the last heat wave conjured up that old saying in my mind. But not only are the constellations lining up and the days hotter, the housing market takes a noticeable siesta in August of each year.

When the economy is humming along—and in the Bay Area it is—people tend to take more vacations. And since REALTORS are people too, they also are gone much of the month. Of course you also have the last minute mini-trips and next thing you know school is about to start.

These stars line up to create a slowdown in the housing market—in terms of both lower inventory and sales.

Today’s tour consisted of 15 pages of new listings to view. That number can be double in the spring market.

So which home stood out today as our vote for best of tour?
Wellington Best of Tour

A San Carlos home on Wellington listed or only $998,000. Now we know you are thinking, “but it’ll never sell for that” and you’d probably be right—in fact I’d take that bet any day. But to even find a home listed under a million dollars west of El Camino is a real treat.

Now it’s not for everybody as it’s on a rather windy street and has a shared driveway and a small rear yard, but it’s a nice place to start if you want in on the west side of San Carlos. On the plus side it’s been nicely appointed and updated—our vote of best of tour—August 18, 2015

3 Bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,520 sqft.

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