If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what does an awful picture say?

Putting your home’s best foot forward is of paramount importance to get the positive attention you want when selling your home.

If you stop and think about the role that advertising plays in our culture, one can easily see why it’s important that your home’s advertising is top notch—after all, there’s a reason the top 200 advertisers in the United States collectively, spent a record $137.8 billion on advertising in 2014, up 2% year on year, according to Ad Age’s annual “200 Leading National Advertisers” report, advertising works!

Let’s take just one aspect of the marketing for your home—the photos.

The idea behind photographs in on-line marketing, is to entice potential buyers to come and physically see your home. The photos should be of high quality and resolution and be taken by a professional. The days of using your own camera are gone. So, should the use of cell phones, yet we still see this atrocious practice employed even in our sophisticated market.

The old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”, applies equally to photography. Remember, photos are a vehicle to get people to visit your home, not scare them away. Too much information can be as detrimental as none at all. A professional photographer typically knows the difference, but not always, so we’re still vigilant about filtering out only the shots that best represent a home.

We’ve seen some amazing work by seasoned agents who should clearly know better.

This is one of our favorites. It was on the market for 21 days and yet the agents never took the time to straighten the photo.90 Degree Home







In this photo, we can see the agent never even visited the home. They simply took a screen shot of a Google Map (the directional arrow is clearly visible in the photo).

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 11.39.00 AM







But there are less obvious infractions, like crooked photos, over or under exposed shots and even small minutia like leaving a toilet seat up when shooting the bathroom.

Agent in Mirror

Here’s a home where the agent
took her own photos. Not only were all of them crooked, in this photo of the bathroom she can be seen standing in the mirror with a washed -out flash.


When Photoshop Works Wonders3344 El Sobrante

Let’s face it, the weather doesn’t always cooperate on the day of a shoot. For this home in San Mateo we recently sold, the day came for photographs and the sky was ominously dark. The driveway also had streaks from rain water running down to the street. Here you can see what a few minutes of Photoshop can do to remedy a problem.


When interviewing an agent to sell your home, it’s best to see examples of their work. Avoid the dangers of Adverse Selection and asymmetric information by doing an on-line search for their work in its entirety, not just the examples they’re willing to share.

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