Best of Tour-May 5th 2015-Belmont

The Inventory of homes continues to increase as we visited 17 homes for our clients on tour Tuesday.

Best of Tour this week goes to the newly listed home on Dekoven in Belmont (we’re not allowed to give the house number since it isn’t our listing—dumb rule, I know).

It’s listed as a four bedroom two bath home (actually it has two and ½ baths). Now it needs some updating but what intrigued us was not just the lot size, (12,960 sqft.), and the size of the home, (2,830 sqft.), but the layout was very unusual—not your typical Belmont ranch home.

Think of an Eichler-esque style home with an atrium in the middle which brings in a lot of light—we imagined a Nana wall opening up this space and incorporating it as a part of the flow of the home—we’ll perhaps not this dramatic.nana wall

Open this May 9th from 1:00-5:00 (Saturday—not Mother’s Day).

As always, you can click here to find more information on this listing or any other homes on our advanced real estate site.


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