Notre Dame ExteriorBelmont homes hit a new high as our Best of Tour report for this week is being supplanted by the second highest price obtained (per square foot) for a home in Belmont—the highest being recorded less than a month ago in Sterling Downs.

One could argue that since the Sterling Downs home at 1,010 sqft was so small the price per square foot $1,262 record should be bested by the home on Notre Dame, a two bedroom two bath home of a modest 1,340 square feet in size. The lot is an unremarkable 5,340 square feet—just slightly above average. The home itself, a rather undistinguished but well-appointed home, yet nothing stands out as deserving the almost $1,200 dollar per square foot they received—nothing like solid gold appliances or whatever could possibly impress one enough to pay the $501,000 OVER the asking price (46% over asking). It was listed for $1,099,000 and sold for $1,600,000 in eight days.

Notre Dame YardBut then when we saw that the selling agent (representing the buyer) was from Woodside—one of the toniest town in America where homes have sold as high as $5,500 per square foot— it made more sense and it stands to reason that an out-of-area agent just might confuse the values in Woodside with that of Belmont.



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