OK it will be all over the news but here’s the local Belmont scoop. Just as a back-up to our weather station which uploads to the internet, I have this visual aid in our backyard because I guess I am a geek for starters (I also have triple redundancy for my hard drives now), but it did help when the circuit board stopped measuring rain earlier this year.

 The first picture is one I took when I left for work and the second is when I came home at lunchtime.

Blog am Rain pm

(You can click on any image to see a larger picture.)
Our weather station reported the following (see below). Notice the rain rate at 2” per hour at 11:52 and 36 MPH winds at 8:06 AM. It was raining cats and dogs.

Now we are up to 18.82 inches for the year (July-June), 3.82 for the month and 3.15 just since this storm event!

 Remember you can always view the weather station on our web site live 24/7 from our Hallmark area home.

Home 3 24 2011 (2)

The weather at work was amazing too as you see this poor pedestrian trying to maneuver around a small pond on Ralston Avenue whilst the cars pay scant attention to him.

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