October brings to mind images of Jack-O’-Lanterns, will-o’-the-wisps, spider webs, creative costume expressions on All Hallows Eve, and the gentle stir of leaves falling from the trees. But there’s more rustling around in the wind than dry leaves right now—it’s the sound of uncertainty in the housing market. Are we headed for a crash? Or is the market still in a Bull Run phase?

We’re getting asked a lot about what we think is going on, as there’s a lot of uncertainty in the housing market. Whenever there’s a perceived slow down, it gives cause for questioning the market conditions. We think those concerns might be a little premature.

But people should be skeptical. The housing market did-in a lot of people during the great Recession and they’d be foolish not to be concerned about being in a better position for the next downturn.

So we hope that our small window of analysis will help you sleep better, at least if you live on the mid-Peninsula—the sweet spot of our market and where we focus our energy.

Belmont September 2015

Belmont–September 2015. Data from the MLS of SMC. Click on the picture for a larger image.

These are the statistics for several of the cities we watch carefully.

San Carlos—Median Price was up 11.6% year-over-year this September. Down from 14% YOY (Year-Over-Year) from 2013-2014 so a bit of a slow down there. Seller’s received 5% more over asking though.

Belmont—Median price rose 12.5 % since last September, up from just 2% YOY (a year earlier) (we discount this as an anomaly of small numbers). Sellers are still getting 107% of asking price—same as last September.

San Mateo—Median Price went up 12.8% YOY, down from a 27% increase in 2013-2014. Sellers are getting 1% more over asking this year than last.

Hillsborough—Median price fell 6% YOY in 2015, down from a 26% increase in 2013-2014. Sellers got slightly more over asking—97% last year as compared to 101% this year.

San Mateo County-This is a good indicator of the overall market conditions since it includes so many cities and a lot of data points. But it can also be somewhat misleading. For example, when prices are skyrocketing in Menlo Park, San Carlos and Belmont early in a recovery phase, Daly City, San Bruno and South San Francisco are typically still foundering. Yet when the top three start to peak in terms of price, buyers flood these less expensive areas and cause the overall increase in the median home price to appear to be climbing, when in your city it may be stalling.

Think of the San Mateo Median home price like a “composite index” if you will. It rose 12.1% YOY since last September, and seller’s received 3% more of their asking price. Last year it gained 18% and in 2012-2103 it rose 16.3%–that’s coming off a 21% increase from 2011-2102.

Let’s hope it calms down even more in 2016. A more sustainable recovery always lasts longer.

NOTE:–As always you can view these graphs on our web page.


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