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Why Are Interest Rates So Low and What Does it Mean to Me?

By |July 14th, 2010|

Whether you are thinking of buying or already own a home the current historically low interest rates may help you save thousands of dollars.
Rates in the last week have averaged the lowest point since records were first kept over 30 years ago. Refinancing today may help you save hundreds of dollars in monthly interest […]

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Belmont’s Beautiful Mountain Blog Revisited

By |February 14th, 2009|

In 2008 we began several new series on our blog site. Most of our content centered around the turbulent real estate market on the Peninsula, but we also endeavored to comment about the market in general and small town happenings in Belmont.
Some of our posts simply required too much time away from the business of […]

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Market Update-11.24.2008

By |November 24th, 2008|

Drew & Christine Morgan

Housing Update–November 2008

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San Mateo County continues to out performed many of the nine bay area counties but a protracted deep recession could change all that.
Join us for our Podcast series now available at

We’re very excited to bring you a new animated version […]

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Renters Hit Hard As Prices Climb

By |April 22nd, 2008|

You’ve got to admit, renters have had a hard time. After being squeezed out of the homeownership market for years they now face getting squeezed out of the rental market as well.
But more to my point…ever notice that plane crashes come in three’s? Do they, or does the media just report them that way? Ever […]

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By |April 8th, 2008|

A front page article in the Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle titled "Lenders Retreat as Market Plummets" (Sam Zukerman-staff writer April 6, 2008) may frighten some people into cashing their home equity line checks fast.
The article states that many banks such as Bank of America, Country Wide Financial and Washington Mutual are […]

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