Belmont continues its post lock down growth spurt with buyers eager to find larger homes to accommodate the new work-from-home scenario playing out in the Bay Area.

Here are the January numbers YOY as compared to 2020:

New Listings                            Up 89%

Closed Sales                            Up 180%

Average Days on Market        Down 71%

Median Home Price                Up 4.5%

Price Per Sq Ft                         Up 25.5%

All statistics point to strong housing growth 2021 thus far.

The size of homes selling in the two periods varied, accounting for the increase in the median home price. 

In 2020, the average home that sold was 1,637 sq ft in size, while in 2021 that increase to 1,934—an increase of 297 sq ft. At the average price per square foot that homes sold for during that period, that would account for a median price increase of $297,000 alone, yet home prices only went up by ~$82,000 in 2021.

Belmont Housing Sales

Notice that the price per square foot which homes sold for dropped in 2021 from 2020 by 6.4%, which is consistent as larger homes typically sell for less per square foot than their smaller counterparts.

We believe that low interest rates and the relative scarcity in housing has helped buoy home values despite the pandemic. Noting that the availability of new listings coming to market increased 89%, one might intuitively infer that more inventory would help balance the supply vs. demand dilemma plaguing buyers. But the strong 180% increase in sales has kept the months of available inventory to a meager .6, as compared to .4 in January of 2020—Months of Inventory being the time it would take to sell all of the existing inventory of homes at the current rate of sales.

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