IStock_000006475100XSmall With a nod to Carlmont High’s class of 2009 starting their first full week after winter break , and real estate just coming out of winter hibernation, we thought we’d take some of our downtime to summarize a few of our sales in 2008 and offer a big thanks to the many clients who hired us to help them get their perfect home this year.


Most Likely to Succeed

Hillsborough I guess you could say this Hillsborough home has already succeeded in many ways. At 10,000+ square feet it’s the largest home we’ve ever sold and at $10,990,000 it’s also the most expensive.  





What a deal though, Hillsborough3our buyer received an offer for over a million dollars more than what they paid for it a month later (they turned it down). LISTED for $10,990,000 SOLD for $10,900,000.



Check out the cool backyard with pool, tennis court and guest house!








Most Creative

Teredo Terrance and Patricia have grand plans for this modest home in Redwood Shores. We won this home for them in multiple offers. Plans include a two story addition which will give them views of the San Francisco bay! LISTED for $859,000 SOLD for $ 889,000 in four days. Good luck with your remodel!





Class Favorite

Laurel Everyone who has seen this home falls in love with it just like Chris and Tracey did when Chris found it online. We’d been looking for the perfect home for several years when lo and behold this estate came up in Los Gatos. Laurel2 

This has to be one of the neatest homes we’ve ever sold. Check out the outdoor entrainment possibilities with the coolest veranda we’ve seen. Laurel3 

Oh yeah, did we mention the weather down there makes outdoor dining a summer standard. Great housewarming party BTW. LISTED for $4,500,000 SOLD for $4,250,000







Best Dressed

Cape2 Hands down for Best Dressed was this home in Redwood Shores. Chris and Tracey had an amazing home which we were happy to sell. Even our stager said she wouldn’t change a thing! Cape 

Check out the rear BBQ area that's the envy of the neighborhood. And thanks to Tracy’s interior design skills, she made this an easy sell and was rewarded with the highest sale ever in their neighborhood. LISTED for $1,428,898 SOLD for $1,400,000.




Most Talkative

Hallamark1 Our listing in Hallmark gets the nod for most talkative since the neighborhood was abuzz when we listed it. We’d been prepping it for a month and being that it was on Hallmark Drive, it got quite the visibility. We were absolutely deluged at our open house and when we sold it in one week (in the midst of the financial melt-down) the calls were rolling in asking how we sold it so fast. Hallmark 

The answer is the seller did everything we asked of him and readied is home with professional staging and enhancements. There’s a neat video if you want to see the before and after pictures. Thanks Eiji—you were a pleasure to work  with and we are still saddened that you lost your cat one day before you moved—we’re always on the lookout for him. LISTED for $1,298,890, SOLD for $1,285,000 in about a week.


Thanks again for making 2008 another great year!

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