In 2008 we began several new series on our blog site. Most of our content centered around the turbulent real estate market on the Peninsula, but we also endeavored to comment about the market in general and small town happenings in Belmont.

Some of our posts simply required too much time away from the business of selling homes, and we’ve decided to eliminate a few of those.

What we will be discontinuing is the weekly update of new listings and sales. Rather, we encourage you now to subscribe to our automated system for getting listing alerts in real time—including new listings and recent sales; we just felt that we were being a little redundant and this trade-off will allow us more time to concentrate on our business.

You can still count on getting a monthly wrap-up of homes that have sold. We feature Belmont home sales in detail on this blog site and you can always get surrounding cities and the entire San Mateo county stats at our web site under “How’s the Market”; we also implemented the Fusion style graphs that are more interactive and interesting.

We’ll continue to add occasional posts in our series “Frequently Unasked Questions” Unasked3 whenever we stumble across an issue we think you should know about, and probably don’t.


The Podcasts we began in 2008 will still be around when we want to discuss the market in general and we hope that you continue to stay tuned to those.Podcast

We think this more focused and succinct blog format will help our readers get the real estate information they want, and know that they can rely on our regular posts whicht have attracted the most readership.

Thanks for being patient as we enjoy an exciting 2009.

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