2019 Housing Round-Up

We’re just stepping into the 2020 housing market and it’s too early to tell how the housing it will play out this year. That data typically starts to develop in February-May, as buyers come out of winter hibernation and begin looking at homes in earnest. And with the better weather on the horizon, sellers are more inclined to put their home on the market.

These two forces converge each year to dictate the supply and demand balance, thus determining the strength of the market for sellers, or advantages for buyers. A shortage of supply could continue to drive up values, while a shortage in demand would have just the opposite effect.

We had been indicating this trend may be on the horizon with this very blog back in 2018 with this post about lower returns.

San Mateo County results which provides a more macro-scale, illustrate this.


The median home value dropped 1.3 percentage points YOY, which, in and of itself is not an earth-shattering indicator, but the amount sellers received of their asking price is—it dropped 5% YOY.

The leftover inventory of homes for sale at year-end grew 22%, while the number of new listings YOY dropped 6.24% and sales dropped 3.1%. It also took six more days to sell the average home.


Being a much smaller market sample, the data is less reliable than looking at the entire county, but by examining the entire year—rather than an isolated YOY comparison for each month, the data spikes and troughs tend to somewhat smooth out.

In Belmont, home sales dropped 6.35%, new listings dropped by 10.65%, the percent a seller received down 6%, the median sale price—dropping 4.26%, and the DOM, or time it took to sell a home, up, 30%.

The housing market had a tumultuous end in 2018, and yet comparing the year-end results for 2018 and 2019, we can see that this balance shifted even further away from the unsustainable and feverish seller’s market of the past seven-year bull run, to a more normal, balanced market. We’re seeing the pendulum move from that of a seller’s market, to a more evenly balanced market in full swing.

If you want to know what we believe may very well be in store for us in 2020, read our newest blog post on Election Year Jitters—How it will Effect the Market.

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