This is an interesting article from the New York Times about agents getting out of the real estate business. Sorry, but I got in the business in 1990 when it was waning and made it through the tough times for the next five years. If these agents aren’t committed to making real estate a career and were only in it for the fast bucks–well, bye then.

I’ve seen plenty of new agents coming along without the commitment and drive necessary to take this industry and their business (and mine) seriously. In fact, they’ve dragged our existing business down with less than professional behavior. (Call first then key safe what does that mean?)

And this article quotes none other than the owner of that company in Seattle, He is quoted, "Some who want to stay in the business are taking a second look at working for commissions." As if to say traditional agents don’t? He goes on, "People who used to turn up their nose (sic) at working for us are now drilling holes to get into the building," said Mr. Kelman of Redfizzle, which pays a salary and a bonus based on customer satisfaction. "He said that during the first six months of 2007, Redfizzle received 2,000 résumés and hired 34 agents, bringing the total at Redfizzle to 40. Mr. Kelman says he expects to hire 35 to 50 more agents in the next year."

OK. Simple math tells me he had 6 employees in the beginning of the year! This was a company that you might remember was working with 60 minutes last year and was to represent the new model which would do away with ”traditional agents". Does ABC have an interest in his company? How can a guy with 6 "virtual employees" single handedly alter forever the "traditional" agents’ way of doing business on a comprehensible level? You know the one where agents actually show property?

Read my post on "traditional Agents" and the scam being propagated by "virtual agents" to differentiate themselves when the only difference is the service they provide (or lack thereof).

Drew & Christine Morgan, Belmont Real Estate

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