Anyone feeling like the weather has turned whimsical at best? First we have the coldest August in the Bay Area since 1958, and then we start September with a heat wave and one of the best Labor Day Weekends in recent memory, to be followed by rain?

Sunday evening, September 6th at 5:00, while we were winding down one of the nicest weekends we’ve had in Belmont (and three days of it to boot), it was 82.6 degrees. Most homes in Belmont feel like they are made of chocolate when it’s that hot—everything inside it starts to melt. So like most, we were relegated to the cooler (at times) outdoors. Yet just one day later at the same time—5:00 PM Monday—it was only 59 degrees—a 23 degree difference.

Then yesterday, Wednesday, September 8th at 5:00 PM it’s 57.3 and it has rained 4/100ths of an inch!

Enjoy the rest of this week’s unpredictable weather…

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