If the media gets a hold of the median price changes in San Carlos they’ll be sure to spew more aspersions on the local housing market. According to the data reported in the MLS for San Mateo County, San Carlos’s median home price fell from $1,199,000 in March 2008 to $915,000 in April. If true, that would mean a drop in value of over $284,000 or 24% in one month!

But alas, homeowners need not listen to the media reports since they will invariably not account for the fact that the median size home which sold in April was a whopping 395 square feet smaller—accounting for approximately $252,000 in the adjusted median home price.

As always, full statistical data is available on our web page at Morganhomes.com and we frequently discuss housing market trends on the peninsula on our blog page, BeautifulMountainBlog.org

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