You’ve no doubt heard the term “staging” a home but there’s a lot more to getting your home ready for sale than just bringing in plants and re-arranging furniture.

The terms “staging” typically implies a professional designer has been retained to make a house look like a model home, yet there’s a lot more that goes in to staging a home. Often times, a home will need a complete facelift, as is often the case with trustee sales. Vacant homes always show better professionally staged, and even homes with modern amenities can use some detailing.

We break down staging into two categories. 1) Vacant homes for whole house staging and 2) Occupied homes for staging augmentation. Professional designers are akin to artists and often prefer a vacant home to an occupied one since they are beginning with a blank canvas, or palate if you will.

But getting a home ready for the final touches of furniture, plants and pictures often requires weeks of renovation. We coordinate with our design consultant to first identify our market segment–the buyer who will likely purchase the home. Then we take instructions as to what color scheme to employ and begin the process of renovation or upgrades. Some of the typical enhancements include:

·         Fresh Paint

·         Refinished hardwood flooring

·         New carpeting

·         New bathroom or kitchen tile, granite or other contemporary materials

·         Kitchen cabinet re-facing or replacement

·         Bathroom fixture replacement

·         Hall and entry lighting enhancement

·         Landscaping and fresh lawns

There’s no need to be anxious about the renovation process. As your “project manager”, we coordinate all enhancements with our professional team of property enhancement experts; from tile people to painters, handyman, hardwood floor experts and carpet installers.

The video you are about to see highlights several homes we’ve staged for sale and shows before and after images. If ever the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” rings true it’s in this short video, enjoy.


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