With the latest Case-Shiller results in [they lag the market by three months], home values have finally peaked our trend-line of where we should be had the housing peak in 2006 and resulting crash in 2007 not surfaced. Our MSA is still not at an all-time high however, though it’s getting close.
What does this all mean if you are a homeowner? Your home is getting close to the all time high home values in history. Of course this MSA, or Metropolitan Statistical Area, is comprised of the 5 counties are San Francisco, Alameda, Marin, Contra Costa, and San Mateo County. Taking a broad swath like this tends to even out the peaks and troughs which can occur in localized economic swings, though during the last nationwide downturn all areas in our country were affected to some degree.

Case-Shiller June 2015
If you’re living on the San Francisco Peninsula corridor for example, the median home price has already eclipsed the highest point ever for home values.
Is now a good time to sell? Of course it is. Will there be a better time? Nobody really knows. Interest rates hikes have been looming over the market for two years now and increases are inevitable. Any sizable hike and buyers will have less purchasing power to compete, resulting in less bidding wars and lower offers.
If you are a buyer one can see that home values are on a steep upward trend, and unfortunately with the recent job figures being released the economy seems to be on the mend, not headed for a recession. That means that the home price trend should continue to rise, albeit at a slower but steady pace.


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