Adios Hola!Hola Adios

I remember the first day Hola opened in Belmont. People were lined up outside to experience a new high-end Mexican Style restaurant rumored to be fashioned after one of our personal favorites, Guaymas in Tiburon. So it was with great anticipation that we joined the throngs of people excited to experience a new place after the Pine Brook Inn’s 26 year tenure at this location.

My first order was to try their Posole, a dish we make at home each New Year’s Day. Sadly, they did not have it—next week they said.

Next week turned out to be every week until they finally just removed it from the menu. The Cilantro Rice that Guaymas was famous for started to slowly be swapped out for regular Spanish style rice.

The food became notorious for being decent at best, but the heart of the business really was long gone before the doors actually closed.

Today there was an auction at the restaurant, and the last of Hola will be no more. Now that the Carlmont Nursery is also gone, one wonders what will fill the location. The rumor circulating the parking lot today was steak a house? Here’s to hoping for some culinary diversity. Cheers!

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