It was really neat to meet our Belmont neighbors at our open house on Hallmark Drive yesterday–thanks to all who stopped by. We had an amazing turn-out and the weather couldn’t have been more cooperative. Incidentally we did a survey at the open house where we asked our guests if they thought the home was a good value. Overwhelming, but not the least bit surprisingly, potential buyers gave lower scores for value than homeowners in the area–propagating the theory that sellers always view their home as worth more than a potential buyer.

The many nice compliments on our blog and web page were also appreciated. I had no idea so many of you read our blog and it inspires me to keep it up. Feel free to comment on anything you read too because it gives me a sense that there’s a real-time audience out there.

So the story of the day is about the last of the nice weather for awhile. We had an unusually warm October with 70+ degree evenings ‘til midnight. For those of you new to Belmont, September and October are getting to be our best months of the year. I say getting to be because my anecdotal evidence is my memory going back 40 years when I distinctly remember September being rather cool and October downright cold.

This graph looks at what is referred to as “Cooling Degree Days”. Cooling degree-days are used to estimate the amount of heat that must be removed (through air-conditioning) to keep a structure comfortable. Heating and cooling degree-days are based on departures from a base temperature, typically 65ºF (18ºC).

One cooling degree–day is the amount of cooling required to keep a structure at 65ºF when the outside temperature remains one degree above the 65ºF threshold for 24 hours. One cooling degree–day is also the amount of cooling required to keep that structure at 65ºF when the temperature remains 24ºF above that 65º threshold for 1 hour.

So the bottom line is the more cooling degree days the warmer the month. Don’t forget when we have extreme weather storms this winter you can go to our live weather station located in Hallmark for current rain rate, or frost conditions.


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