It’s official. We’ve had a month of colder than usual weather interrupted only by a four day stint of hotter than usual days in the middle of May. Being one of best months for warm weather, May sure was a disappointment. And now June, notorious for windy conditions is upon us and it’s living up to its historical reputation.

Here are a series of graphs I produced from our weather station located at our home in the Hallmark Area of Belmont which illustrate the last month’s weather pattern:

This graph shows the highs and lows from May 4th to June 4th: Note if you click on any of these graphs you’ll get a full size window view where you can actually read the data.


Weather_2 In this picture I’ve added a RED high temperature line to illustrate the day’s highs.

Hi_wind_speed_2The Orange line added here shows the high wind speed. It’s easy to see why we had warm weather for a few days–hardly any wind.

Wind_direction Finally, this graph shows the wind direction. Notice that when the wind shifts to the east, we have warmer weather and invariably when it is from the west (on shore breezes) it’s colder.

Don’t forget you can view this information live on our weather web page at

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