Belmont received a nice jolt today from what appears to be several small earthquakes near the San Andrea’s fault—but don’t quote me on that, it just looks that way on the map.


At 2:57 PM today a 3.8 Magnitude earthquake hit just west of Pacifica followed by a 2.8 about an hour later. If you look at the USGS website over 217 people in Belmont alone registered as having felt the two jolts.

I was working on my computer when I heard loud jolt hit our home on Hallmark–as if something hit the house. Within a second a louder wave hit and our earthquake detector went off along with my nerves. I ran out of the house like you are not supposed to do, but since I was one foot from the door and we do not have power lines up here I felt that was safer than remaining indoors.

As for pets being sensitive to earthquakes, our dog Wyatt never flinched until I picked him up on my way to open space.

Where’s the best place to be in an earthquake? In a helicopter that can land anywhere.




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