Feel free to post your YouTube videos so we can see what your family vacations or reunions were like.

Youtube Don’t have a YouTube account? It’s simple log into YoutTube.com and sign yourself up then upload a video or montage and you’re up and running.

Here’s an example of one we did after our Labor Day visit to Johnson Island Lake Erie Ohio.

We stayed on Johnson Island for the Labor Day weekend with Christine’s best friend, Kim, her boyfriend and her two sisters.

Johnson Island is a small spot on Lake Erie where Kim owns a small vacation home on the shore. During the Civil war this island was used as a Confederate encampment to house the prisoner’s during the war. There’s a small historical graveyard which is home to the 206 confederate soldiers which died during their internment—either by wounds, natural causes or execution.

The amusement park is world renowned Cedar Point.

I edited the video using the Microsoft Movie Maker included with all Windows products.


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