If you’ve ever heard the term “form over function”, this $100,000+ great kitchen defines the term. Sometimes people just have more money than common sense and this kitchen is a great example of putting only the monetary assets one has to use. While on the surface, it looks to be a wildly fantastic kitchen, and we’re sure whomever designed it intended it to deliver just such a wow factor, but clearly they under-baked their ideas when it came to functionality.


One needs to look no further than a professional kitchen layout—kitchens I spent many years in—to learn what makes sense and what is senseless.


A professional kitchen is designed for efficiency, while most home kitchens lean toward aesthetics first, and efficiency a distance second. Both of these chefs will have access to a sink directly behind them on either side of the cook island.

It’s clear to see that the large behemoth island in this designer showcase kitchen would quickly become nothing more than an obstacle to efficiency. In order to get from the stove to the sink one must walk clear around. And where do your guests sit? Not in the way we hope!

Go ahead, add another stick of butter—then put your Fit Bit on and watch you burn those pre-dinner calories.

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