The Worst Thing I Ever Did in Real Estate–Coming Clean…

Agents-ever "Just Want to Get Away?"

It rained that day, but that wasn’t why I was reluctant to show property-the 49ers were playing.

Being new to the business, I was determined to take my very first buyer out to see property regardless that my home team was playing and I had to forfeit my season pass seats; this was the first buyer I had the possibility of showing homes to and I was excited at the opportunities that awaited me; I was new. I was eager.

The year was 1991. The 49ers were coming off several recent Superbowl wins and remained the talk of the town. If you were a buyer out during a Sunday game-you were a serious buyer, and agents knew it.

The stores were quiet, the streets empty, and only the local pubs benefited from the excitement; nearby, a recent bride awaited anxiously in her new home for her husband’s return from the store; she was nervous at the prospect of entertaining his friends for the first time. All was well in America.

Most of the homes we visited were resale properties being hosted by reluctant agents playing the football game in the background-as if to satisfy house hunters who undoubtedly wished they already had a home in which to watch the game and host a party.

Entering a new development, we signed in at the main office-you know-the ones with carpet samples on the walls? Knowing I had to accompany my buyer, we strolled along the manicured gardens and walkways to the first open door.

There we were greeted by a gracious host who also had the game on for our enjoyment and offered us a beverage which we of course courteously declined. Strolling about the lower level of the home, we then began to wander upstairs. That’s when the host asked us who we were and I obliged by relinquishing only our first names.

Upon returning downstairs our gracious host asked us how we met Mike. I of course responded with "Who is Mike?" Mike, she said, is her husband who was due back from the store any minute and if we didn’t know Mike then why were we at their 49er party?

You can imagine my surprise to learn we had stumbled into one of the occupied homes which had apparently been sold smack in between other models for sale.

We moved on with our apologies and asked if we could return should we not find a suitable home that day.

It’s was everything I could do to keep a semblance of composure.

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