There are great deals to be had on appliances right now. Sales

Everyone knows that the U.S. economy is driven to a large degree by consumer spending. Tighter post-Christmas spending patterns create a need for stores to offer up sales and financing deals to lure consumers back to the stores. Check out Best Buy and Circuit City to see the amazing deals one can get right now!

This year with consumer confidence low, the average consumer will pull back even more. That translates into great deals for the savvy (or fortuitous) consumer who’s waited to buy. On big ticket items such as plasma TV’s and refrigerators it’s not unusual to see low or no interest rate financing options today—even free delivery.

Tv When will these offers end? They’ll end when consumers return to more bullish spending patterns. When will that happen—of course no one knows. The only indication will be when you are no longer offered deferred or low interest finance rates and deep discounts—watch the ads.

How does that translate into real estate? Actually, perfectly. The same forces are at work and the same indicators available. You’ll know when was the best time to buy just after it passed.

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