What was the profile of the average home that sold in Belmont last year?

  • The average home which sold had three bedrooms, two baths was 1,925 square feet in size and was located on a 6,430 square foot lotSold Home Sign
  • It sold for $879,450 in 44 days



  • There were 186 single family home sales in 2011
  • The average time a home was on the market before the seller received an offer was 44 days
  • 32% of Belmont homes sold over the asking price in just 19 days
  • 11% sold at the seller’s asking price in 29 days
  • 57% sold under the asking price and took 60 days to do so
  • 103% was the percent of the asking price the sellers received who sold their homes in 19 days
  • 96% was the percent of asking the sellers whose homes were overpriced received in 60 days

It becomes abundantly clear that the last thing any seller should want to do is overprice their home, yet more than half of the homes sold in 2011 were overpriced. These sellers also had to lower their asking price by on average $61,000 and then received 7% less for their homes than ones priced correctly.

If you are considering selling your home this year, choosing a local agent who knows the values in Belmont and then of course listening to what they tell you will go a long way towards putting more money in your pocket.

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