New Rules!

The following was inspired by Bill Maher’s hilarious "New Rules" on his show Real Time on HBO.

When everyone takes things too seriously, we can all use a little humor…

New Real Estate Rules:New_rules

  • Buyers–when working with discount or on-line brokers who don’t show property, stop complaining when the actual listing agent doesn’t accommodate your every whim-you’re getting a discount remember? Grow up-call your agent.
  • Sellers-stop thinking your home is better than everyone else’s-they can’t all be the best.
  • Agents-stop calling for access to listings that say "Vacant, GO DIRECT"-you’re wasting our time.
  • Title companies-start calling us when the deed records, not hours later. We’d much rather work with a professional organization than get free cookies at a sign off.
  • Lenders-you’re supposed to be forging lasting relationships, not devastating ones. Stop being short sided and do the right thing for your clients or Congress will do it for you.
  • America-stop repeating things so they’ll eventually become accepted fact–anyone remember "Weapons of Mass Destruction"?
  • That brings us back to on-line brokers-stop calling everyone but yourself "Traditional Agents"-most agents today are anything but traditional. From now on you’ll be called "Virtual Agents" and every one else a "Professional Agent".

Disclaimer: This information is for entertainment purposes only and includes no legal, accounting or real estate advice nor is this response in tended to be specific to your situation-consult a specialist for your specific situation.

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