Median Price Methodology:

The methodology of reporting median home prices varies depending on the source. The MLS uses the aggregate method of calculating the median based on the preceding twelve month sales. We discuss why in a changing market this system is flawed at best.

Standard & Poor’s methodology is perhaps the most accurate, but it relies heavily on past sales and is therefore better suited for looking at historical trends than illuminating current market conditions. Bel_median_12

We employ another approach which is to examine the most recent month’s sales, and adjust for larger or smaller homes selling to help mitigate wild fluctuations in median price results.

For example, the MLS reported Belmont’s median value for 2007 to be $945,000; yet looking at the median price reported at the end of December it stood at $1,035,000; a significant difference and an overall upward trend from the previous three years.

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