Did you know you can watch many of Belmont’s government meetings on-line? If you are interested in seeing what goes on in planning comission or concil meetings tune into Belmont’s webcast and see what they are uo to.


The City of Belmont, in cooperation with The Midpeninsula Community Media Center is currently webcasting City Council Meetings. Viewers can tune in to the live webcasts the second and fourth Tuesday nights of the month beginning at 7:30pm, unless there is a study session, in which case the webcast begins at 6:30pm. Viewers can also see any past meeting since August 2006, or any particular agenda item within those meetings.

The Planning Commission meetings can be viewed online on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The archives are available on our web site at the link below.

Watch The Live Webcasts Now!

The Webcasts are now available during City Council and/or Planning Commission meetings by clicking on the "Watch Now" image below.

Watch Archived Council Meetings.

Watch Archived Planning Commission Meetings.

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