Bay Area Home Values Eclipse Historical Records


Case Shiller Report for June 2017

The Case-Shiller Report was released June 27th, the last Tuesday of the month, which tracks home sales in 20 metropolitan cities around the country, called MSA’s, of Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

Our MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) in the Bay Area consist of five counties—Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda and Contra Costsa. […]

Farm House Restaurant Soon to Open in Belmont!


We’re excited about the upcoming opening of the Farm House at 1301 Sixth Street in Belmont, which many of you may recall was the location of the old Belli Deli.

The place sat empty for the last several years but we recently stopped by to check out what’s going on since there’s a new sign out front.

The […]

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Five Mistakes Buyers Often Make When Shopping for a Home


You’ve seen every house on the market and you’ve finally found the spot you can’t wait to call home. In fact, you’ve mentally decorated it and planned your new life, down […]

How Much Should I Bid to Win the Home?


How Much Should I Bid to Win the Home? You’ve found the ideal home, and now it’s time to make that offer. The offer to beat the other five offers you hear the sellers may be receiving.

When trying to determine an offer price, where do you start, or stop? Of course, your agent should be armed […]

Will There Be an End to Home Bidding Wars?


With unusually low home inventory levels, many buyers are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed at the prospect of ever getting their ideal home, or have first-hand experience at losing the home of their dreams in a bidding frenzy.

Yet not all homes sell for over their asking price. In fact many sell below. Granted, they may seem far […]

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What a Buyer Broker-Agreement Could Help You


How to decide if committing to one real estate agent is important, or should you “play the field”. We wanted to take a moment to explain a bit more about the Buyer-Broker agreement, why we use one, and why it is important to you as well.

Most agents will attempt to work with 20-30 prospective buyers […]

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Belmont’s Housing Market Woes


Is the local Belmont housing market slowing?

We’re hearing a few rumblings from sellers thinking it might be a good time to cash out before there’s a full market correction. We’ve also heard from buyers that they might try and wait out the market, and see if there’s a decrease in home values anytime soon. And […]

Don’t Get Blindsided by a Solar Easement


We are seeing a flare-up of photovoltaics (AKA solar systems) to capture “free energy” being installed in our Hallmark neighborhood. That’s led us to look into any potential pitfalls that might not be so blindingly obvious . We did an earlier article on how solar leases, often offered by solar companies, which showed. that while appearing to be a cheap alternative […]

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New Listings in Pricey Bay Area Counties Rose Significantly


The California Association of REALTORS™  has released a recent report on the state of the California’s housing, naming San Mateo County as having the highest median price in the state. They went one to mention the rising number of new listings. Could this mean that sellers are finally thinking the market is near its top? Will housing […]

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Cell Phone Photos Should Be Banned


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what does an awful picture say?

Putting your home’s best foot forward is of paramount importance to get the positive attention you want when selling your home.

If you stop and think about the role that advertising plays in our culture, one can easily see why it’s important […]