Belmont Home Values in State of Flux


Looking at homes sales statistics is always more interesting when there’s movement in the market.

As seen in the graph below for San Mateo County, the median home price dropped from the peak in April of 2018, and it took over a year to finally rebound which wasn’t until May of 2019 when the median price just […]

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County Home Values Rebound Slightly


As welcome news to homeowners, yesterday, Standard & Poor’s posted the MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) for March 2019 illuminating another uptick in the market after a steady four-month decline. This is the second month in a row showing rising values since the low in January 2019. This latest data point in March puts home values […]

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Home Values Drop in April


We’ve continued our articles focused on the real estate market’s woes since the reverse in direction in Q4 of 2018 when home values and sales activity dropped precipitously. In fact, the only thing that increased during that time was the number of price reductions and the time it took to sell a home.

In our last […]

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Can the Bay Area Housing Market Heyday be Over?


The release of the latest Case-Shiller Report could signal a shot across the bow for sellers considering a move. 

Though often outperforming, and somewhat insulated from many parts of the U.S., the Bay Area is not immune to fluctuations in the housing market. These most recent statisticsfrom the highly regarded Case-Shiller report (for San Francisco Metropolitan Statistical […]

Belmont Adds to Bottleneck


Belmont, CA

Riding high on accolades for installing a traffic light at the corner of South Road and Ralston Avenue, Belmont sprang into action and is in the process of installing another traffic light at the entrance of Ralston Intermediate School. 

The department of Public works was reached for comment today and have announced that they’re so […]

Home Sales Slower in 2019


Last year ended with much indecision regarding the future of our local housing market, and since there are typically fewer sales at the beginning of a new year, we thought it prudent to compare the first two months of 2019 to last year at the same time to better understand the state of our current […]

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Housing Market, No Longer Level

"We expected to see signs of a dire slowdown but the numbers tell a more tepid story".

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Belmont Gets Hit with Lower Returns


Belmont gets hit with lower returns for sellers this month as the market stall continues in November.

Comparing home sales for the month of November in 2017 to this year, it’s inescapably obvious that there’s been a shift in the market.

This data reflects many homes which actually sold in September, but have only recently closed in […]

Housing Market Crash or Correction—Which Indicators Should One Watch


Housing Market Crash, or Correction—Which Indicators Should One Watch?

There’s been a lot of talk about the state of our housing market, and the effect the rise in interest rates may be playing in the current market stall.

Here, we take a look at some of the indicators we watch to help us, whenever possible, anticipate what might […]

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California to Offer $3,000 Subsidy for Earthquake Retrofitting


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re living near a major earthquake fault. Now if you’re unsure if you live near an active fault, this web site . Temblor, co-founded by Ross Stein from the USGS, is very useful for determining the proximity to, and estimating the damage from, an earthquake near your home.

We don’t have […]