The Greedy Ant comes to Belmont and while Belmont loses an icon, it gains some gourmet as there’s a changing of the guard. The Beli-Deli, an institution in Belmont which has served the residents and beyond very well and for many years, is closing its doors. Our best wishes—we hear they are retiring to Tahoe!

Beli DeliTo fill Belmont’s deprived sandwich lovers, The Greedy Ant Gourmet opened up three months ago in the place of the old flower shop at 932 Ralston Avenue—right between the US Bank and Divino’s Italian restaurant.

Owner Mark Paladini seems to be filling more than a vacant flower shop void as his offerings are reminiscent of the now defunct A.G. Ferrari’s gourmet Italian deli, currently the Panda Express.The Greedy Ant

We stepped inside The Greedy Ant to a plethora of imported and domestic specialties including over 40 different types of cheese which Mark will gladly let you sample. We settled on the Pistachio Pecorino which is a semi-hard sheep’s milk cheese. It had both a creamy texture and nutty crunch without being too salty, as some Pecorino’s can be. This cheese was amazing!Peccorino

The Gnocchi stuffed with mushrooms and truffles was beckoning to go home with us and we can’t wait to give them a try this weekend. We’re considering topping them with some Mascarpone and shaved Pecorino we brought home—if there’s any left after the appetizer round.

But it’s not just gourmet items they carry to pique your interest, they also have inspiring sandwich combinations. Forget about formulaic offerings, these sandwiches aren’t your standard ham and Swiss on rye. Each product chosen for his sandwiches is unique in its own way. His version of a ham sandwich is described like this, “Shaved Truffle Ham or Rosemary Ham, Creamy Havarti Cheese, Marinated Cipollini Onion, Organic Greens, & Extra Virgin Oil, Magic Mayo” And the ham they use– Imagine the number one ham in Rovagnati’s cooked ham range, Gran Biscotto (ham), a unique product, a myth in Italian charcuterie, combined with the heady flavor and aroma of truffle.

And if you are in need of catering that will impress your guests, we suggest you give Mark a call to hear about his full line of catering offerings–as intriguing as his shop.

Stop by and say hi to Mark and his crew but be careful not to drool on the displays of hand-picked specialties. We’re going back.



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