Belmont had a relatively busy week with 6 new listings, 4 homes went pending and 7 that closed escrow. That brings Belmont inventory of homes for sale to 47, up just slightly from last week.

Be sure and check back in around Thursday as the month’s totals will be in for an interesting perspective on the summer market and the overall recovery of the housing sector.


Davey 523 Davey Glen Rd 4 Bed/3 Bath 2,114 Sq Ft Home LISTED for $1,165,000

2422 Hastings 3 Bed/ 2.5 Bath 2,250 Sq Ft Attached Home LISTED for $1,038,000. This home is slated for tour on Sept 2nd and won’t even be open until September 9th from 2:00-4:30

19009_lyon 1909 Lyon 3 Bed 2.5 Bath 1,600 Sq. Ft. home LISTED for $912,000 OPEN HOUSE 8/31 1:00-4:00. Again. It won’t be toured with agents until Sept. 2nd.

2014_lyon 2014 Lyon 2 Bed/2 Bath 1,761 Sq Ft Home First agent tour Sept. 2nd OPEN SUNDAY 8/31 from 1:30-4:30

14 Arroyo View Circle 2.151 Sq Ft ATTACHED home Associaiton fees are $330/month. This is a nice complex though the fees are a tad bit high. OPEN SUNDAY 8/31 1:00-4:00

512 Alameda de Las Pulgas 2 Beds/ 1 Bath 1,230 Sq Ft home. Don’t let the busy address fool you. This home sits back on a quiet private drive off of the Alameda. LISTED for $804,000. No open house mentioned.

As you can see most of these are slated for agent tour on Tuesday, September 2nd so we haven’t even seen many of them yet. If you want early access or like any of these homes give us a call and we’ll help you out on any of these.

Homes that Closed Escrow (SOLD)

↓2 Lyndhurst Court 4 Bed 2/Bath 2,030 Sq Ft home LISTED for $ 1,125,000 SOLD for $1,100,000 in 166 Days.  This is a bit misleading in that this home was originally listed at $1,300,000. Once it finally was lowered to $1,125,000 it sold in two weeks.

Carlmont2 ↑2604 Carlmont Drive 3 Bed 2.5 Baths 2.070 Sq Ft home LISTED for $ 999,995 SOLD for $1,010,000 in 110 days. Here’s another one—how does a home that is on the market for 110 days gets over the asking price? Because it was lowered from $1,118,000 to $995,000; the market determined it was worth slightly higher than the price adjustment and was bid back up to $ 1,010,000. It really sold in four days after it was lowered.

↔2622 Monte Cresta Drive 4 Bed/3 Bath 2,190 Sq Ft Home LISTED for $ 999,000 SOLD for $ 999,000 in 66 days.

↓2015 Arbor Ave. 2 bed/ 1 bath 960 sq ft home LISTED for $749,000 SOLD for $740,000 in 30 days.

This home gives one a good idea what starter homes in the Belmont Hills go for.

↑2818 San Ardo 3 Bed/2 Bath 1,420 Sq Ft. Home LISTED for $ 725,000 SOLD for $751,000 in 4 days.

This was our Best Deal pick when it hit the market and sure enough it sold over the asking price.

↑2736 Monserat 3 Bed 2/Bath 1,190 Sq Ft Home LISTED for $701,910 SOLD for $726,000 in 89 days

Once again a home sits on the market for 89 days and sell over asking? It started at $799,000 and was lowered to $710,910 where it received an offer in two days and closed higher for $726,000.

↓14 Meadow Park Circle 2 Bed/2 Bath 1.270 Sq. Ft. Townhomes LISTED for $699,000 SOLD for $640,000 in 37 days

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