Week in Review

Best of Tour for April 14th 2015

By |April 14th, 2015|

The definition of a mansion varies from person to person but we’re weighing in and calling this best of tour home in San Carlos so unique as to rise to the level.

Perched on the prestigious Hyde Park development with sweeping views of the surrounding canyons and San Francisco Bay, this stately home offers a plethora […]

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Best of Tour for April 7th 2015

By |April 8th, 2015|

Today’s Best of Tour was chosen due to its awe factor of being what I would consider my dream home. Imagine living lakeside in a mountain retreat but really just minutes from downtown Redwood City with its nightlife and great restaurants, not to mention the “Weather Best by Government Test” slogan the city boasts.

But get […]

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Best of Tour for March 31st 2015

By |March 31st, 2015|

We see a lot of homes on tour but this home stood out as our best of tour because of its outdoor recreational areas for all ages and the indoor entertaining space for large gatherings.
This stunning 6 bedroom, 5 bath Tudor style home is in the sought-after Emerald Hills location. This rare opportunity affords one […]

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Belmont Home Sales – June 24th 2012

By |June 25th, 2012|

Belmont home sales remain brisk with demand continuing to oupace supply.

Belmont Homes Values – Week of May 14th 2012

By |May 15th, 2012|

Normally for Belmont an inventory over 50 homes for sale is indicative of a waning market for sellers.

Belmont–Housing Week in Review January 10, 2009

By |January 10th, 2009|

Welcome to 2009 and our weekly review of homes for sale in Belmont. This year we’ve been slow to get out of the gate with new listings. The inventory of homes for sale in Belmont is currently at 31 but that includes 29 carried over from December which didn’t sell. To give an idea how […]

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Belmont–Week in Review for November 22, 2008

By |November 22nd, 2008|

Belmont’s housing picture settled down a bit as homeowners who had stalled temporarily in the wake of October’s housing news began to list their homes for sale for a pre-winter push.
→NEW Click on the play button to hear a brief market overview.

There are 53 homes for sale in Belmont, down from 57 in the last […]

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BELMONT–Week in Review for November 11, 2008

By |November 15th, 2008|

With no new listings for two weeks in a row, it’s nice to see a little activity before the winter market slows to a snail’s pace.
There was no agent "Tuesday tour" this week due the Veteran’s Day holiday so most of these homes we’ll not view in person until next Tuesday; and I won't be updating […]

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Belmont Week in Review–Week Ending October 25th 2008

By |October 25th, 2008|

The media continues its relentless barrage of horror stories and down at ground zero people continue to go on with their lives buying and selling homes to fit a lifestyle, not a portfolio.
There are currently 56 Active listings for sale in Belmont down from 58 last week. The six new listings are typical for the […]

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Belmont–Week in Review

By |October 18th, 2008|

The big news for the past few weeks is not what’s going on in Belmont but rather the world economies. We’ll leave that analysis to economists and instead show you how the credit crisis is affecting Belmont home buyers and sellers.
In fact the greatest factor affecting home sales is probably not the credit crunch at all, […]

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