Discover Our Variable Rate Fees Structure

Lets face it, we’re are running a business and need to show a profit but we’re also competitive. Traditional commission structures based on a percentage of a home’s sale price give your agent an incentive to obtain the highest possible price for your home. We base the percentage we charge on several factors:

  • The likelihood of your home selling at the price YOU choose. We’ll tell you what it should sell for, but not all seller’s listen.
  • How long we predict we will be marketing your home (i.e. what our costs will be in time and money).
  • What condition your home in is in relation to the price you are asking.
  • How much exposure we can get from listing your home–yes, we may meet other sellers by simply having our sign in your yard.
  • Whether or not you choose to stage your home for sale.
  • How fast your homes sells. If we work together and sell your home quickly we can charge less. Often what we charge ends up being based on how long it took to sell and what our overhead was.

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