If you are reading this, then you may very well be considering making a move. We’ve put together a downloadable pdf focusing of five mistakes sellers often make, and need to avoid.

So how does one begin to find an agent to work with?



These are the questions most sellers are prepared to ask:

  • How much do you charge?
  • What do you think my home is worth?

More detailed sellers might throw in a few more:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • In what cities do you specialize?
  • Do you work with mostly sellers, or buyers?
  • Do you have referrals with whom we may speak?

And that’s pretty much the extent of most sellers’ questions. The two which paradoxically seem to carry the most weight are two sellers always ask—how much is my home worth and what do you charge. These are two very important questions, but they should have little to do with choosing an agent. You can always find a discount agent to sell your home and you will most certainly get cut rate service and results as well.

The price the agent tells you your home is worth should also have little to do with whether you hire them. You get to pick the asking price for your home and if you’ve watched sales in your neighborhood, you probably have a pretty good idea at what price homes are selling.

Be careful not to decide on your agent based solely on the highest estimated sale price you hear, since that agent may not know your market or could be trying to “buy” your listing—meaning they are trying to get you to list with them under the pretense that they can magically get more for your home just by asking for it. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way.

Buyers choose the price they are willing to pay for your home—not you as a seller or your agent!

We’ve heard sellers say, “We’re going to hire the REALTOR that sold our friends house—they said that they liked him and felt that he did a good job.”

And perhaps they did do a good job, but then again maybe the seller just thought because they received multiple offers well over the asking price that they must have done a good job. But could they have done better? 


Results. Before you’d consider having any important surgery done, wouldn’t you like to know what your Doctor’s survival rate is for his patients? How many operations has she performed? How much they charge would probably be the least of your concerns, so long as you survive to pay the bill.

Wouldn’t it be nice before booking a flight to know how long the pilot has been flying and how many hours they’ve logged?

Any agent can proclaim to be the best, or sell their listings for more in a shorter period of time, but you need to ask for proof. 


Do your homework. Research agents organically on-line to see what work product they are capable of and delivering. Then, be armed with the best questions most agents are ill prepared to answer.

If you’re interested in receiving a list of questions every seller should be asking, we’d be glad to deliver 35 of the best questions when we meet in-person for our initial visit.

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