Reasons To Own Your Own Home

Home-ownership is by far the greatest American Dream. In fact, recent studies show that 40% of all home buyers are first time buyers. If you’re still deciding whether home-ownership is right for you, consider the following, and when you’re ready, we’ll be here to help you make the best decision for your future.

Only you can decide if home ownership is right for you. There are many benefits, not the least of which is owning a piece of the American dream. But there are risks too. Although home ownership remains a good hedge against inflation, everybody’s situation is different and needs to be examined closely. Thanks to plans which are now available to protect your investment much of the risk can be mitigated; nevertheless we strongly encourage you to weigh your goals and personal finances, job stability etc. before deciding to buy a home.

That’s where our experience will help. We’ll walk you through the benefits and risks involved in owning a home and we’ll be the first to tell you if you’d be better off renting or at least postponing your investment.

One of the first steps is to see if you qualify for one of the Buyer assistance programs in the city where you’d like to live.

San Mateo County

And there are other city specific buyer assistance programs. Though often they contain income limit restrictions, you might just find out that home ownership is closer than you imagined. For example, this is a link to what the city of San Mateo offers.

For more information on how to go about selecting an agent to work with what’s involved in the process of buying a home, we’ve authored a short ebook which we will send to you free of charge just for contacting us.

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