Why Buyers Should Not Fear the Unknown


Fear of the Unknown

We as humans have a natural tendency to fear the unknown. The psychological term for this is “xenophobia.” In modern usage, the word has evolved to mean the fear of strangers or foreigners — but its original meaning is much broader. It includes anything or anyone that’s unfamiliar or unknown.

When we help […]

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Jeopardizing Multiple Offers


Multiply Offer Mistakes to Avoid

We can all make mistakes at times, some mistakes just carry with them more severe repercussion than others. 

Certain professions come with a higher level of responsibility and accountability than others. Two of obvious professions that come to mind are that of Doctors and Pilots. Mistakes in their field could have catastrophic […]

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Pandemic Sees Surge in Housing Need

All statistics point to strong housing growth 2021 thus far.

An Unpredictable Year of Uncertainty


After the most tumultuous year we’ve experienced, and perhaps arguably one of the direst years in our nation’s modern history, we take a moment to reflect on home sales from 2020, the results of which were certainly not anticipated.

We’ve said it and seen it before—when there’s uncertainty in the world, homes sales tend to suffer, […]



Remember all of those propositions on the November ballot? Number 19 won, and might prove to be your winning number as well…

Some background

Prop. 13 set initial tax assessments on property values beginning in 1978.   

Ad valorem property taxes are currently limited to one percent of a property’s assessed value, plus any voter-approved local taxes such as […]

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2581 Hallmark Drive – JUST LISTED!


Four walls and a roof over your head isn’t the only way we define the word ‘home.’ Home is more than just a shelter, it’s where we love, it’s where we feel, it’s where we can be ourselves and it’s where life happens—this home fulfills all of those dreams. We could describe it as chic, luxurious, […]

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As the dust settled following the March shelter in place order, and real estate transactions slowly crept back to pre-COVID levels, it took until July of 2020 for sales to finally start rebounding.

How We Were Affected

We had to change how we do business a bit, as regulations made open houses a thing of the past. […]

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When Critical Thinking Skills Vanish

We’re not sure what housing market the National Association of Realtors are referring to, but their headlines continue the “glass is half full” mentality which only serves to mislead the public in an effort to bolster their own organization—one which I might add, we are forced to be a part of, […]

COVID 19—Impact on San Mateo County Home Sales


We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy, and implementing practices to remain so. This is such a challenging time for all. 

As one can imagine, the real estate industry is not immune to these uncertain times, and for the next several weeks or longer, we seem headed for more unpredictability.

It’s the unknown that […]

How the 2020 Election Might Hurt Your Home’s Value

One glaring anomaly that occurs in almost all elections cycles—be it presidential or mid-term, is that of a pull-back in consumer spending—specifically in our housing market.

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