Prop 13 May Die a Slow Death


Do you remember proposition 13? If you do, you probably own a home, but prop 13 may be dying a slow death, at least for industrial and commercial properties.

THE BACKSTORY: On June 6th, 1978, nearly two-thirds of California’s voters passed Proposition 13, reducing property tax rates on homes, and businesses by about 57%. Proposition 13 forever […]

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Belmont to Scuttle Specific Plan Redevelopment


Belmont will announce Monday, plans to scuttle the downtown redevelopment referred to as the Belmont Specific Plan, in favor of more cost-effective measures, a high ranking official said speaking on the condition of anonymity, and not wanting to spoil the surprise.

He went on to say, “Belmont has always been seen as the red headed step-child […]

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Winning the Bid May Actually Be Losing


Are agents terrible at pricing homes for sale, or is there another reason so many homes sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars over the asking price?

When a home is underpriced, or overpriced for that matter, it often has to do with the fact that the listing agent is from out of the area. They […]

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Possible Tax Hike Looming


1 Month Left to Sell Before Possible Tax Hike


Some home sellers would need a sale contract inked before the end of 2017 in order to avoid a big tax bill that would be imposed if the GOP tax reform proposals become law. Both the House and Senate […]

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What a Mortgage Deduction Reduction Could Do to Home Values


That’s literally the million dollar question. Many of our colleagues think that it will not be passed as the House version did this week. Some have good points and others just wishful thinking.

Many agents have voiced an opinion  that the mortgage deduction will be indexed for the higher cost coastal states, but we feel that’s […]

Belmont Home Value’s Increase—Is There No End in Sight?


Before we head into the winter slow season for home sales, we’ll take a quick look back at Q3 home sales for Belmont, and the larger San Mateo County.



Belmont had 78 new listings in Q3 as compared to 64 last year during the same period, and increase of 18%.

San Mateo […]

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What was Served at the First Thanksgiving?


If you’re like us you might remember being taught the history of Thanksgiving as early as Kindergarten. But recalling those facts some 50 years later has escaped me. That led me to refresh my fading recollections with some interesting facts about the traditional feast. So before you sit down for that annual feast we now […]

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Waterdog Tavern in Belmont-What’s in a Name?


Waterdog Tavern

We were delighted as were many Belmont residents with the opening of a new restaurant, Waterdog Tavern in the Carlmont Village Shopping Centre last year. This past Spring, they opened the spacious outdoor area for sociable dining in a “dog friendly” environment, and we now visit frequently with our dog, Wyatt.

If you see us […]

1918 Hillman Avenue, Belmont



1918 Hillman Avenue, Belmont

Check out this Coming Soon Trailer…

Three bedrooms on the main level, including an Owner’s ensuite
Two updated full baths upstairs
Updated kitchen with new stainless appliances including Frigidaire® side-by-side refrigerator, 5-burner gas stove, microwave and Bosch® dishwasher,
Large open living room with wood burning fireplace, […]

Belmont Home Price Increases Slow to a Crawl


In each of our Newsletters we bring you the recent Belmont home sales for the previous month. This time we thought we’d stack up the months of August to the same time last year, so the variance from the previous year is obvious.

The first thing that jumps out at us is that there were 33% […]